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What is Komplai?

Komplai offers on-demand information to all stakeholders in the gambling sector (operators, affiliates, suppliers and professional services) using emerging technologies to make complex – and often obscure – information simple.

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Industry Professionals, Operators, Suppliers, Legal, Accounting, Compliance and Affiliates Professional Services

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Fast information transfer through key point summarisation Reduction of ambiguity across complex multi-market information Intuitive engagement through interrogatable information Information in one place – more focus, less noise Immediate advisory through transformers (on-demand 24/7) Alerts ensure compliance professionals are up-to-date

Navigating the Regulatory Landscape

Challenges and Imperatives for Informed Decision-Making

Regulatory compliance requires a broad understanding of past and present information to make decisions for the future. Information is generally confusing, conflicting, ambiguous and spread across multiple sites (often resting behind paywalls). Information is often updated without notice (much to the chagrin of compliance professionals on LinkedIn) and there’s a lack of clarity around the priority of regulatory guidance.
Staying current with the ever-changing regulatory landscape is challenging. New changes emerge frequently, and a lack of harmonisation across different regions adds to the complexity. Referencing outdated guidance documents may introduce unnecessary compliance risks, including citations, fines, and failed submissions – ultimately wasting time, money and resources. There’s a saying that goes ‘Compliance is expensive but non-compliance is more expensive.’ Failing to comply can result in reputation damage, heavy penalties and licence revocation.


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